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Victimisation Surveys

The Central Statistic Office Recorded Crime statistics for Quarter 1 2015 Recorded Crime 

The Central Statistic Office Recorded Crime statistics for Quarter 2 2014  Central Statistics office Recorded Crime Quarter 2 2014 give figures for incidents of crime classified by offence groups.

The 2010 Crime and Victimisation Survey from the Central Statistics Office gives figures on the victimisation rates for crime other than sexual and domestic violence.



The 2006 Crime and Victimisation survey includes full data for the 2006, 2003 and 1998 surveys.



The National Crime Council established a valuable on-line resource in relation to victimisation statistics.


It first gives links to eleven tables from the CSO Crime Victimisation Survey, 2006, followed by a bibligraphy on Irish Surveys and a note on the 2006 survey.


It then provides a note on and link to the British Crime Survey 2006/07, and to the EU International; Crime Survey, (EU-ICS), 2005.


It also gives a link to "Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective", looking at key findings of the International Crime Victims Survey 2004/05 and the EU-ICS.


The National Crime Council also provided a bibliography of two dozen victim related books and articles.


An Garda Síochána, on its website, provides four public attitude surveys, which include sections on victimisation, and a review of research on victimisation of the gay and lesbian community in Ireland.