Help for Users with Disabilities

The Victims of Crime Office is committed to achieving a conformance level of Triple-A with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines developed by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and complying with the National Disability Authority IT Accessibility Guidelines. Some of the features included to help people with disabilities are described below.


Using the Tab Key to Jump between Links

 You can use the Tab key on your keyboard to jump from one link to the next. All navigation bars in the site provide a logical order for this.


Keyboard Shortcuts

The following access keys are used on the site:
S - Skip Navigation
P - Printer-friendly version
1 - Home Page
2 - Contact Us
4 - Sitemap
6 - Search
7 – Useful Links
9 - Accessibility (this page)
To use these access keys, hold down either the Alt, Ctrl or Cmd key, depending on which browser you are using, and then press the key. If you're using Internet Explorer, you need to press Enter after focusing on a link.


Document Formats

Many of the publications on this website are available in PDF format to enable easier reading and printing offline. This format is not always readily accessible to people with disabilities. Because of this, we have provided most documents in word format also. To read PDF documents, you need to have Adobe Reader on your computer. Download Adobe Reader for free.


Navigation Aids


All content and decorative images on this site include descriptive ALT attributes. ALT titles are provided to explain the content or the purpose of the image in question.


Colour-blind or Partially Sighted Users

You can increase and decrease the font size or override it completely.
We have checked the site font and background colour combinations for the different colour-blindness conditions and ensured that items are not referenced by colour alone.


Contact Us

If you encounter any difficulties in using this site, please let us know by e-mailing our webmaster at