Victims Charter



The Victims Charter and Guide to the Criminal Justice System describes the criminal justice system from a crime victim’s point of view. It sets out your rights and entitlements to the services given by the various state agencies working with crime victims.


"A ‘victim’ means a natural person who has suffered harm, including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering or economic loss, directly caused by acts or omissions that are in violation of the criminal law of a Member State." – EU Framework Decision on the Standing of Victims in Criminal Proceedings (2001)

Each section gives an overview of the following:


what you can expect from the service;


what you can do if we do not meet your expectations;                                                                          


the role of the service.


Section 10 also gives a summary of victims and the law, while Section 11 contains some useful contact details.

Each section shows the date of the version. As different organisations change to improve services or deliver new services to victims of crime, they will draw up new versions of individual charters, showing the date of the latest version.


Please note that this Charter is only a guide.  It is not a legal document and does not give you legal rights.


This Charter is divided into 11 sections (each of which can be downloaded in pdf or Microsoft Word format), which include the individual charters of nine organisations.  The first document listed below is the entire Victims Charter and Guide to the Criminal Justice System:















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