Help For Victims



What to do if you are a victim of crime


You can report the crime to your local Garda Station or in an emergency by telephoning 999 or 112. 


The Crime Victims Helpline can provide you with information about specialist support services in your area for victims of crime.  You can contact the Helpine at Freephone: 116 006, by text: 085-1337711 or e-mail:


If you are the victim of a sexual assault, there is a 24 hour National Helpline: 1800 778888 run by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.  Local Rape Crisis Centres are listed on the Rape Crisis Network website.  Their phone number is: 091-563676.


If you are a victim of domestic violence, there is a National Helpline: 1800 341900 run by Women's Aid. Details of local domestic violence support services and information that may be helpful to you are available on the Safe Ireland website. Their phone number is 090 6479078, email: 


If you are a male victim of domestic violence there is a National Helpline: 046 9023718 (out of hours 086 7941880) run by Amen, email:


You can also contact the Male Advice Line on 1800 816 588. They are open from 10am to 6pm Monday and Wednesday, 12pm -8pm, Tuesday and Thursday and 2pm to 6pm on a Friday.


 If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic, sexual or gender-based violence, you can also visit the Cosc website where you will find a list of local and national services and advice on what to do.

 If you are a tourist and you are a victim of crime you can contact the Irish Tourist Assistance Service (ITAS) who offer support and assistance to tourist victims of crime. Telephone: 1890 635 700 or e-mail:


The Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime website has details of organisations which provide support for victims of crime.


The Victims Charter and Guide to the Criminal Justice System describes the criminal justice system from a victim’s point of view and sets out your rights and entitlements to the services given by the various state agencies working with crime victims.   The Charter has been translated into the following languages: Irish, Chinese, French, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Spanish.